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LOL Happy Thanksgiving Folks! =)

LOL Happy Thanksgiving Folks! =)

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Lion'esque Media: Gobble Gobble-Color Watch Wednesday's Thankful Lionesses


My favorite holiday has arrived! Our job on Thanksgiving is to be thankful, eat, drink, and be Merry. “Another slice of pie?” Sure! “Would you like more stuffing?” Sure! “Take these left overs home with you!” Don’t mind if I do.

Not only is enjoying your friends and family with food and drink…

"You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

"You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

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Lion'esque Media: Moda Monday - POP UP Shop 411


The Independent Designer Pop Shop just keeps on going! After three amazing events last summer in the event space at Chelsea Market, the Independent Designer Pop Shop is moving into a retail space at Chelsea Market for the entire month of November! Don’t worry, it’ll still be at Chelsea Market…

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Lion'esque Media: Color Watch Wednesday: Go B-a-n-a-n-a-s


This week on Color Watch Wednesday I am feeling BANANAS!

One of my favorite fruits is now a term used to describe the unbelievable, ridiuculous, excellent and crazy.

It has been an inspiration on the runways and this week it’s my inspiration.

Yellow can be too bright for some, but…

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Lion'esque Media: Fashion Forward Friday's- So Down with the Couture Puffer


I stumbled on this image from a 2009 ad campaign for the Moncler line called Gamme Rouge. It is such a luxurious way to basically show a down coat. It completely got me in the mood to see what was new and unusual in the puffer coat category this season.

Generally we are seeing a more couture…

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Lion'esque Media: Honoring Steve Jobs - May We Have The Passion You Inspired Us With


We would like to take a moment to honor one of the greatest visionaries and tech minds of our time, Steve Jobs.

His ingenuity and marketing expertise has resulted in Apple becoming one of the largest and most influential corporations in the world.

Apple products are not…

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Lion'esque Media: Tech Tuesday’s - Geek Chic Report


As the market for mobile devices and touch pads expands so does the accessories market for them. We took a moment to compile our top ten pics for crave-worthy iPad cases. From bold Burberry colors, to quilted Chanel, to nearly indestructible waterproof cases, there is something on the maket for…

Emerging Designer Marla Cielo in the Spot-Light!

:::::Fashion Meets Function

Marla Cielo lives within NYC based designer Andrea Tobin. She is a collective subconscious of feelings, aura and passion.  She is an empowered urbanite inspired by autonomy, truth, and creativity. Marla is the dreamer and the dream within Andrea and within you- the woman and her story. 

CollectionFeatured Product

My favorites! I love the weaving on the bags, as well as how fun and creative they are! Definitely Going to Shop it now and so can YOU!! 

Here’s the Link:

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